Greenpiper Wines is a production and distribution partnership between directors Andy Ferreira and Rob Tincey along with a close knit team of dedicated staff relentless in bringing premium Margaret River wine to the world . Recognised by wine critic James Halliday as a five star winery, Night Harvest pools the talents and resources of three Margaret River wine visionaries. Viticulturist Andy Ferreira has almost twenty years of experience tending to some of the most prized vines in Margaret River. Grower Rob Tincey has long produced grapes that are amongst the most flavoursome in the region. And wine lover Ray Anderson is the third inspiration in the partnership, looking after the commercial aspects of the enterprise. With Andy's extensive experience of viticulture in Margaret River, he has long been an advocate of the benefits of the 'night harvest', and this is the overriding philosophy in the production of all our wines. In the cool of the night, optimum harvest conditions prevail sugar levels are balanced, the grape's natural aromatics are at their peak, and the cool environment for transport allows the fruit to arrive at the winery as fresh as it was when it was picked. The result is wines that are a marriage of aromatic freshness and harmonious complexity of flavour.

Greenpiper is the wine production branch of our diverse Margaret River viticultural enterprise owned and operated by Mandy and Andy Ferreira. It is the culmination of over 21 years involvement in the Margaret River wine industry. Settling in the district in 1986 we have been fortunate enough to have participated in the tremendous growth and discovery that has been Margaret River‘s recent history. Starting initially as a vineyard development and management company Riverace, we undertook the establishment of an enormous amount of vineyards - to date having been involved in planting over 7000 acres of vineyards, and currently manage 18 properties.


Through Andy’s harvesting of 140 estates and multiple vineyard management, Greenpiper is able to “pick the eyes” of the very best parcels of fruit from the best blocks from every single vintage, from either the north or south of this premium wine region.

 Access to first hand information in the evolvement of every growing season. This insider knowledge facilitates the ability to produce consistent award winning wines, season to season.

 Greenpiper is small enough to be focused on its products and its customers, and yet still be able to have access to an immense amount of premium fruit, watched over carefully by Andy and the Riverace team.


It is a known fact that great wine is made in the vineyard and finished in the winery. So what sets Margaret River’s Greenpiper vineyards apart from so many others. In a nutshell it’s the utilization of incredible knowledge, passion and pride. All the Greenpiper vineyards are nurtured and managed by the Riverace team headed by Andy Ferreira, also one of Greenpiper Wine’s directors.

This stable group of professional viticulturalists have over 300 years of Margaret River vineyard operational experience. The team has established over 7000 acres of vineyards in Western Australia. That’s an astonishing one third of every vine in WA. Needless to say they know a lot about the right soil and growing conditions to produce fine wines. Winegrowing for any premium brand is not about mass production, but rather the recognition and knowledge of terroir; the perfect marriage of soil profile, microclimate and weather conditions. This intimate knowledge of each block of vines and its terroir, together with meticulous attention to detail, facilitates the production and crafting of premium fruit for Greenpiper’s wines.


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Night Harvest, the wine production branch of Andy and Mandy Ferreira's 25 years experience in a viticultural enterprise.  During this time the Riverace team, headed by Andy Ferreira, one of Greenpiper's Directors, have established around 7,000 acres of vineyards in the region, as well as running a harvest contracting business that now harvests about one third of the vines in WA.  Their enthusiasm and passion to grow and source the best fruit has achieved a consistent quality reflected in multi-award winning wines.


Butler Crest Estate, the pride and passion of Rob and Lauren Tincey, is located in Wilyabrup, in what is considered to be the most prestigious wine growing region in Australia for the production of premium Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonny.